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Eat, Run, Weekend!

August 29, 2010

Had a pretty relaxing weekend…spent part of it in NJ, hanging out with my mom, going to the chiropractor again, going to Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Pier 1 for the umpteenth time, and eating fabulous both a fabulous brunch and delicious dinner in Montclair! Makes me miss the town and living there.

I’ve decided the thing I may miss most about living in the city is having a car! I have to say, running errands with a car is so much more convenient (duh) and weirdly comforting. I also quite enjoy driving. I don’t know what it is, but it gives me this sense of empowerment…like I can drive ANYWHERE. Maybe its comforting because it reminds me of the times I drove around in high school with friends just going fun places or exploring to kill time. Don’t get me wrong, I fully appreciate and rely upon the convenience of the NYC Transit system, but there is something to be said about having a car.

So, Saturday was my off day from running..but my legs feel like they barely got a break with all the errands we ran! This morning I slept in till around 11 and did 10 miles. I was a bit afraid of running towards the ‘peak’ of the day as the temps were supposed to be in the 90s, but it was still quite surprisingly cool out! And I felt great! There is certainly a difference when running after work or after I sleep in, rather than my typical 645 am wakeup before work. Makes me wonder if I’m still getting quality training in that early? It takes me about 20 min just to wake up my lungs and legs! Oh well. Still easier to do before, my work and life schedule are far too unpredictable to always be able to run post-work.

However, I do want to do a tempo run tomorrow, and so I think Ill plan to run after work. I need to schedule these things in and ensure I’m super productive to be able to leave work at a reasonable hour. I’m planning a 2 mi warmup, 3 miles at 715 pace and then 3 miles at 7 pace and a 2 mi cooldown. 10 mi total. We’ll see how it goes. I typically train around 730, give or take, so shouldn’t be too hard. Just have to get used to running a tad faster for longer distances!

Today I saw ‘Eat Pray Love‘ with some friends. I regrettably haven’t read the book, so I was going in a bit blind. Overall, a good movie and all-around enjoyable. I did take issues with the way she just up and left her life. It was portrayed as if she just woke up one day, decided she was unhappy, and took a total upheaval. I’m all for doing what makes you happy, and finding those things in life that you can do to focus entirely on finding yourself, but I find it quite selfish to entirely up your life, and those around you.

The husband was a bit of a weird character, but he was right when he said she never expressed discontent with him or gave them an opportunity to work on it, together…to work on finding her happiness within their marriage. She just left their life and broke it. Not her life, their life. That’s selfish. And that’s just my opinion. But, would recommend the movie nonetheless.

Well, can’t believe it’s another work week and then Labor Day Weekend! Already looking forward to the beach, and getting through this week of temps over 90 every day….lovely.

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