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Domestic Weekend

September 18, 2010

Again, my post-per-day ambition is turning into just that…ambition. I don’t know why I feel the need to apologize for only posting every 2-3 days or so, but I am.

Thursday was an exciting day (in my lame life). I did a 2 mile shakeout in the morning, and after work, ran straight up to Central Park from my office because it was…tempo night! Since I’m a creature of habit, I decided to do the same 3 lower loops interval I had done just about a week ago. 1.7 miles each, total of 5.1 miles. The weather was crisp and cool, and I had some fun and light shoes on.

I wore them for the 1/2 Marathon in March but I’m trying to test them out a bit more to see how I’d like them for the Marathon. I’ll probably end up wearing them because I don’t want to spring for a new pair, despite the fact I got these for free. What kind of shoes are you even supposed to wear in a Marathon? I guess that’s one to google.

So, either the last time I did this workout my legs were super tired and it was humid, or I just flat out sucked. Because on Wednesday, I rocked it. I doubt I increased fitness this much in one week, but I’ll take it. Last time I ran 35:07 total for 5.1 miles (6:53 pace), while on Wednesday I ran 34:34 for 5.1 miles (6:46 pace). Sweeeet.

The 1st lap was 11:33, the 2nd was 11:30 (felt good!), and the 3rd I was hurting a bit for 11:31. I actually even contemplated doing 1 more loop to make it a longer tempo, because apparently I love self-torture. But I didn’t…I may try that on a day I go out a little slower. I just felt SO GOOD, it was exciting. Still don’t know quite why, but funny that it could just be the cooler weather that made my time drop about 30 seconds. Makes me look forward to fall that much more…

I cooled down back to the office, making it 10 total for the day. Thursday I just did an easy 6.5 because my calves were (and still are…) pretty sore. Today I did 8 after work and ran an errand along the way.

See, sometimes when running takes up most all of your free time, you have to get a bit creative. I found out there was a 2-day sale at Banana Republic, 40% off with your BR card. Of course, I’ve been pining over some fall clothes ever since the temps got out of the 90s. This was my chance! So I set off after work with my keys, metrocard, and Banana Republic credit card. I finished my run at the store (whoops, was only slightly sweaty since it was so cool) and spent much more $$ than I intended! But I haven’t been shopping in quite some time, and I needed cute fall work essentials, right? I took the subway home. Multitasking at it’s finest!

This skirt is one of my favorite purchases from this evening!

Tomorrow is my day off from running, but I’ll hardly be resting. My mom is coming into NYC to help me PAINT MY ROOM! I’ll have to post some pictures once we’re done. In preparation for her early morning arrival, I took everything off my walls and moved everything into the middle of the room. This sure sounded like a much better idea before…I hope it’s easier than I think! Also going to Ikea with the roomies tomorrow, and have to stop by NYRR offices to pick up my bib for the 18-mile NYC Marathon Tune-Up run on Sunday!

Haven’t decided, but I think I’ll run to and from the start of the tune-up run so I can get closer to 18. The route is just 3 loops of Central Park which is probably the most BORING route I could think of, but it’ll be nice to be with a set pace group and hopefully meet some new people! The only part I am NOT looking forward to is the 7 a.m. start time. YIKES! Mostly looking forward to a big post-run brunch and massive nap afterwards. But at least it’ll be out of the way!

Welp, that was sufficiently boring, but so is my life. Running, cleaning my room and blogging on a Friday night, and painting and running some more all weekend….not your average NYC gal’s life that’s for sure. But it’s fine for the next (less than) 2 months and I’m actually loving it. Probably because there is an end in sight 🙂

To recap my week…

S: 17 long run!
M: 5.75 easy
T: 3 in am, 6.25 in pm
W: 2 in am, 1.5 warmup, 5.1 tempo (34:34), 1.5 cooldown
R: 6.5
F: 8
TOTAL: 56.5

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