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October 25, 2010

Lately, I’ve been feeling extremely worn out and run down. I’m really trying not to let it play with my head, now that we’re less than two weeks before the BIG DAY.

I came down with some congestion over a week ago when I was flying back from Maine, and have been taking decongestants daily since. Feeling less congested, but still a bit phlegm-y (ewww) when I breathe heavily, which happens quite often when I run.  I think I need to stop taking the medicine, 7 days have probably worn its course and aren’t exactly helping me feel chipper. (Note to self: check if that Sudafed is non-drowsy)

Secondly, this sunday morning was the first time in over a month that I truly slept in and woke up without an alarm. Being on the go four weekends in a row (DC for Ragnar, Maine for work, Colorado for fun, Maine for work again) is probably just catching up to me. I slept for a good 11 hours on Saturday night and loved every moment of it!

Part of me worries that this run down feeling will linger for the next two weeks, and I’ll just be dragging on race day. Really, 90% of my training runs leading up to the race have felt awesome. I felt strong, confident, able to push the pace while staying smooth. The last few runs I’ve done, my legs have been plodding along, and my whole body feels drained and I have no energy or will to even try to go faster. I do most of my runs around 7:30/mile, but lately I’ve been feeling like I’m going 8:00-8:30/mile.

Then I get troubled thoughts that I’m getting anemic again and there is so way my iron levels can recoup, no matter how much I chug ferrous sulfate these next two weeks. But, the feelings of sluggishness and every run being simply harder than it should take me back to those low iron days where I was really struggling.

To complicate worse, I’ve had a lingering soreness in my shin that eerily mimics the exact spot I felt when I had a stress fracture in high school. It’s been slowly and gradually building well over the past month/month and a half, so I’ve also been overdosing on calcium. It’s not really bad enough to not run on it, but I have a sinking feeling that pounds 26.2 miles of pavement will do me in.

Since calcium and iron inhibit the absorption of one another, I have been taking calcium in the morning, and iron at night before bed. I think I’m going to bump up and do a mid afternoon dose of iron to combat any sluggishness. I feel like I’m always popping some sort of pill!

In any case, I had a decent week of training last week….47 miles with 2 days off. Typically, I like to take 1 day off a week. That day off varies depending on what’s happening that week, but the 2nd day off was to combat that weird quad pain I experienced which has now gone away! Fingers crossed it stays away. It’s weird that I kinda ran through it while it hurt, but now in hindsight I see that was smart since it resolved itself. However, if it was still bothering me, I definitely would have been kicking myself for not resting more! I think I might take 2 days off again this coming week, since my mileage is lower anyway (yay TAPER!) and I feel like I could use some extra rest.

Welp, this post has been enough complaining and worrying for a while. Only POSITIVE thoughts moving forward! I hope I’m not the only one second guessing everything less than two weeks out…

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