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November 6, 2010

Can you believe it’s November 6th already? I just got in the door from my last shake out run before the big day tomorrow! Stretching out a lot and hoping my legs feel fresh in the morning! Weather looks a little chilly tomorrow, sunny & 45 degrees when running with a bit of wind, but it should be fine! Could be downpouring or not sunny!
Yesterday I went to the expo to pick up my bib and, of course, buy tons of Marathon gear! Needless to say, I got wayyy too much stuff but I love it all! 🙂

Got my bib!

After the expo, I went to a fabulous dinner at Becco where they have a special of unlimited amounts of 3 of the chef’s daily pastas– of course I got it! Farfalle with marinara, linguine with arugula and shrimp, and best of all- pumpkin ravioli! That was so good, I did get a 2nd bit of that, but I was stuffed! Hope my carb stores are ready to go tomorrow!

Today I’m just relaxing, going out to lunch soon with my dad, and then dinner with my mom and aunt who is in town from San Francisco! Looking forward to some more yummy food and time relaxing! Of course, I laid out my gear planned for tomorrow…

Race day outfit!

And of course, tried it on!

Don't judge me, it was early...

If my alarm clock goes off (I’m deathly afraid of getting screwed up with daylight savings time!) I’ll be at the bus bright and early tomorrow (5:30am–ughh) which made me nervous since online they had told me I was to go to the Staten Island Ferry at 5:45, but my bib says the bus. Either way, I’ll get there. I am planning a race day breakfast of a big bowl of oatmeal and a banana, which will probably be cold by the time I get to eating it in the start village, but yum!

Signing off for today, when I next report I’ll have good news to share of finishing and (hopefully) running a good time! To all of those running tomorrow, good luck!

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