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Week in Review- Bring on the cold!

January 22, 2011

Even though it was a “short” week at work due to MLK Day on Monday, I sure am glad it’s the weekend! NYC received freezing rain slush on Tuesday morning and a few more inches of snow on Thursday night/Friday morning. And, we’re supposed to get more snow next week…make it stop!

Nonetheless, I still have to get my butt out the door and continue to build up my mileage and get in workouts in preparation for the NYC Half-Marathon. We’re about two months out from the race and I’ve got a much stronger base than I did at this point last year so I’m feeling good to work towards my goal of 1:27-1:28. I just keep reminding myself March and warmer temps will be here soon!

This week’s training included long runs and another dreadmill tempo. I also decided to wake up early (despite 14 degree temps!) and run a portion of my run this morning alongside the Manhattan Half Marathon. And look at me continuing off my 2011 goals of speed/tempo runs 1x week and doing core/lifting or extras at least 2x weekly!

Week of 1/16: 43.5 miles

  • Sun: 11 miles in Central Park…tough because I was super congested.
  • Mon: No work today! 7 miles easy in Riverside Park. Legs a bit tired from long run.
    • + Core/lifting at gym
  • Tues: Day off running
  • Wed: 6 miles easy in Central Park
  • Thur: 7.5 miles total on Treadmill after work: 1 warmup; 2 miles @ 6:58, 2 miles @ 6:44, .5 mile easy break (I was dying), 1 mile @ 6:29, 1 mile cooldown
    • +Pilates class at gym
  • Fri: Day off running
  • Sat: 12 miles alongside Manhattan Half…splits below! Warmed up and cooled down back to my apartment.

This morning, I warmed up about 1.5 miles to the start of the race and hopped in on the side. I kept to the outside the entire time so as to not get in the way of any people racing, since I wasn’t registered and really shouldn’t have joined in šŸ™‚ But, I knew it was a way to get in some more miles while running “with” people! I run by myself every single day so it was a nice treat. It was also easy to sneak in as most people’s race numbers were covered by jackets and sweats, anyway!

I ran about 9 miles on the course in Central Park and felt pretty good! I guess I treated it as a long tempo without trying too hard…though Harlem Hill and the 2nd time up Cat Hill kicked my butt (really). I scooted off around the 102nd street transverse and slowly cooled down for an even 12. I kept trying to remind myself that the more hard work I put in now, the easier it’ll feel come race day!

Anywho, the other highlight of my week was buying a new digital camera! My old one broke and the repair would have cost me over $100 and I wasn’t too happy with the image quality overall. So, I invested in a Canon Powershot S95!

Canon Powershot S95

I haven’t played around much with it yet but plan to today! The image quality is supposed to be superb and it’s still compact enough to fit in a small purse or my pocket. I’m always the picture-taker amongst my friends when we go out and hope this camera lasts for years to come! And maybe I’ll be a bit more adventurous and take pictures to add to my posts!

How did you deal with the cold this week? How do you stay motivated in the winter months? I’m needed an early spring race to train for to otherwise I guarantee you I’d be hitting the roads a lot less!

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