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Vacation Time: Poolside

April 1, 2011

Greetings from sunny Palm Springs, CA!

I’ve been spending most of my time out by the pool, with this view. Heavenly! I love coming to my grandparent’s house because the house is gorgeous, the pool is lovely, and I just get to chill.

My family used to visit pretty frequently when I was in elementary/middle school for Christmas and other school breaks, but the visits got less frequent when XC/Track meets over every break prevented going anywhere. I was last here with my family around my 18th birthday, though I visited twice during my college spring breaks with my roommates! Great weather? Free place to stay? Done! My grandparents come out here every year from December-May to get away from the cold in their main home in Pennsylvania.

Though, it’s been so hot here that I find myself in a pool of sweat while laying out, so frequent dips into the pool are necessary. Dare I say, it’s almost a bit too hot? I know, I know, I’d take this over the crappy weather we’ve got in NYC right now. But it’s SO hot that I don’t want to do much walking around outdoors, and running has been a crapshoot!

Yesterday, I tried to run at 9 am but made it about 15 minutes before I wanted to absolutely die from the dry heat. Today I got a bit of an earlier start at 8 am, but had to alternate running/walking for about 30 minutes. And I bared no shame as I ran around the neighborhood in my sports bra! I am taking it easy since I’m on vacation but do like to keep my legs moving!

This afternoon, we took a break from the pool and went shopping at the outlets. Look at what temperature the car read as we drove:

103 degrees! For real.


Last night we walked around the weekly street fair in downtown Palm Springs, and tonight we’re going to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants here, Blue Coyote Grill. Blue Coyote has always been one of our favorite spots when visiting, and I’m looking forward to enjoying some frozen margaritas this time around!

Well, I better start getting ready for dinner. I am here until Sunday night, taking a red-eye back to be at work on Monday morning (good choice? bad choice?…) and look forward to plenty more sun, pool, and relaxation for a few days to come!

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  1. April 1, 2011 10:56 pm

    It’s been a hot one this week – but this weekend it’s going to cool so it won’t be so bad. 103 is tolerable considering it’s sometimes 120 out there in the desert! I’m in SD and we were around 80-85 today. I’ll take it over the incessant rain!

    Yeah, for running you gotta get out like 7am or earlier to avoid the heat. I’m going to run the Diamond Valley Half in Hemet next weekend (it’s just over the mountain from Palm Springs) and it starts at 8am. I’m a little concerned that’s too late in the morning!

    Oh, found your blog from SR in case you are wondering – can’t remember if you were a cat lady blog or if I just clicked on one of your comments :o)

  2. April 2, 2011 11:12 am

    I’m indeed jealous of those temps, but not for running! Would love the pool with a frozen marg. 🙂

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