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Rum-Infused Fruit Sorbet & New Thunderbolt

April 12, 2011

Interesting title to say the least 🙂

First and foremost, after 3 long years with my once-loved and then loathed Blackberry Curve, I finally upgraded to the Verizon Thunderbolt HTC.

So far, I love it. I don’t quite know how to work it, and there was a slight glitch where no text messages went out (wonder why is nobody answering me?!) but it’s super speedy and doesn’t freeze every time I try to do something web-based like my blackberry did. It’s a whole new world- welcome to the 21st century!

Sunday night was the 2nd meeting of “Cooking Club” with some friends. I was in charge of desserts and was a bit stumped as to something easy to make that was “mexican-themed”. I am not a huge flan or tres leches cake fan, and I didn’t want to resort to baking a cake with a mexican flag designed on it 🙂

When I went to Mexico, one of my favorite parts was the fresh cut fruit cups they sold in the town. It was only $2 and so fresh and delicious!

Yummy fruit! Ignore my sweaty face...

So, I took that inspiration and made rum-infused fruit sorbet in 3 flavors: mango, pineapple, and watermelon.

They turned out much better than I expected!

Pineapple & Mango


It was really easy, and involved very few ingredients which really helped the fruit flavors shine through. This recipe would probably taste even more like fruit sorbet you’d find at the store if you added sugar or simple syrup, but I (surprisingly) don’t have real sugar in my apartment, only splenda!

Rum-Infused Fruit Sorbet

  • Chopped up fruit (As I said, I used mango, pineapple and watermelon but would also like to try this with berries, peaches, etc.)
  • Splashes of rum
  • Juice (preferably complimentary in flavor to your fruit, I used mango juice for all of mine)
  • Sugar/splenda to sweeten
  1. Chop up 1 whole mango and add to blender (or food processor), with a splash of fruit juice to get it to blend without being too watery.
  2. As the fruit and juice is blending, pour in a splash of rum or other alcohol. You can probably bypass this step if you prefer a virgin sorbet, but I read that the alcohol keeps the mix from freezing entirely and helps contribute to the softer, sorbet state.
  3. Pour liquid into shallow dish or tupperware to place in refrigerator.
  4. Let freeze, and stir every 60-90 minutes to prevent any solid chunks/blocks from forming. This helps make it more ‘sorbet’ and less ‘italian ice’. While stirring, add in sugar (if desired) to taste. After about 4 hours, should be ready to serve!









Repeat with as many flavors as you want!

This went perfectly with our mexican-themed fiesta and was a nice, light dessert after a few margaritas and fajitas!

Running has been so-so as of late. I took a week entirely off running after the NYC Half, which I needed and loved, and have been building back into the mileage slowly. Some days I’ve had to stop and walk/stretch because I’ve felt so awful and drained! My runs have all been a bit slower in general too, but I’m just continuing to chug along until this ‘building’ phase passes.

  • Week of 3/27: 19 miles (on vacation half of the week)
  • Week of 4/3: 31.5 miles

I’ll work to get to around 35 miles or so this week. I tend to run about 30-35 miles per week when I’m not training for any race in particular, just running, and increase it accordingly as races get closer. I am going to work up towards maxing around 55 mpw before the Brooklyn Half Marathon, just as I did for the NYC Marathon.

Any advice/must-have apps for this Android newbie? Have you ever made ice cream or sorbet from scratch? Now that it’s feeling like spring here in NYC I am definitely going to make the recipe above more often as I am a HUGE fruity dessert fan.

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  1. Meggie permalink
    April 12, 2011 4:05 pm

    I have HandCent for text messages…not that its any better for texting but you can make the text background and text itself cool colors. And obvi Twitter for Android and Facebook for Android.

    Hoping NY gets the memo thats its spring…yesterday was hopeful!

  2. Elyse! permalink
    April 12, 2011 4:59 pm

    I love Shazam on the iPhone – not sure if you can get it (i think you can). Hold up your phone and it will id any song that is playing at a bar, on tv, in the car…

  3. April 12, 2011 6:40 pm

    that looks so refreshing and delicious! the spring-like tease is definitely making me in the mood for that sort of thing too. Love that you do a cooking club – sounds like so much fun 🙂


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