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Why I Love Running: Exploring New Places

October 14, 2010

I had this thought about 2 weekends ago, and finally have gotten around to writing about it. SO here we go.

It was one of those picturesque Sunday afternoons, the air was cool, the leaves seemed to be changing and the sun was shining! I set out for a run as soon as I dropped my luggage in my apartment to take advantage of the great weather and fact that I was actually looking forward to running! I had just gotten back from a work trip to Maine and I needed to move my legs!

I set out to do an hour at an easy pace. I had flown that morning, hadn’t slept much, and felt like I was coming down with a stuffy nose. Oh, and I did 18 miles the day before. However, once I got going and felt good, my mind started to wander on a tangent of all the reasons I love to run! I suppose I was on a runner’s high, and ended up doing 12 miles. It was absolutely fantastic- gotta savor those runs when you can.

Of the many reasons I love to run, one really stood out that weekend: Exploring new places.

Running affords me the ability to see places like walking can’t. Besides the obvious walking vs. running speed factor, running takes you different places on a daily basis. While I’ve become far too intimately acquainted with the Central Park Bridle Path, Harlem Hills, Reservoir Loop, Riverside Park trail, and the other usual places I enjoy running along the Upper West Side of NYC, I’ve also stomped my way over the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge, through the cobblestone streets of the west village and soho, navigating the fish-stench-drenched corners of Chinatown, Morningside Park, the desolate (okay, maybe I got lost…) streets near the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and more.


On the Brooklyn Bridge, view of Manhattan Bridge


Yeah, I’ve lived in Manhattan a bit over a year, but I truly believe running has aforded me to see more of the city/outerboroughs than many would in a decade. And thatll just continue to become true as I make my way through all five boroughs on Nov. 7th. I CAN say I have never been to Staten Island (but really, why would anyone choose to go there? Ha)


Via Google Images



via google images- wish I vould take photos like this


Another way I’ve began to appreciate running’s ability to show me different places is while traveling. Of course, what better way to explore a new place than to run! When I went to Freeport, Maine on a work trip I took advantage of it. And while it was excruciatingly painful to get up at 640am to get a LONG run in on a Saturday morning, I was so thankful I did! Through 18 miles, camera in hand, I saw parts of the town and country nobody else got to see that weekend. And it was breathtaking, a real escape from the city.


Yes, I set this on autotimer in the middle of my run. So pretty!



What's up, coastline cows


This past weekend while visiting my old college roommate Emily in Denver, I also got to explore new parts of the city and surrounding areas! While attempting a 20-miler that only ended up being 14 (I need to write a separate post about just how hard it is to run at altitude, like…really really didn’t know how hard it would be) I saw just how gorgeous and scenic Colorado is!

And I’ve seen San Francisco, Mexico, Chicago, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Barcelona, London, Paris, etc. all via foot- sometimes, going off the beaten path and finding a new running trail will give you an entirely new outlook on a city!


During Bay to Breakers in San Francisco, CA

Howth, Ireland

St. James Park, London

Look out for more reasons why I love running soon 🙂 [hopefully]

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  1. October 14, 2010 8:55 pm

    Found your blog through twitter (@nycbklyngirl). Anyway I love to investigate new areas through running. It also has become a source of vacations:)

    Colorado rocks! I just vacationed there in August and ran the Pikes Peak Marathon.

    See you November 7th on Staten Island


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