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Here are my training logs from past and upcoming races, to get a glimpse into how I run!

My training is based off a combination of what has worked for me from collegiate running, online research, and my own experience into what makes me feel best!

NYC Marathon; 11/6/11– Currently in training!

  • Training log
    • My goal for this race is to break 3:00. I am working on increasing my overall mileage slightly from what I ran last year, and incorporating regular workouts with the CPTC team. I shape my plan loosely with a goal mileage per week to aim for, along with a goal long run to get in. Typically, I’ll do workouts on Thursday with the team and fill in the rest depending on how I’m feeling that day/week.

NYC Half-Marathon; 3/20/11; 1:24:23

  • Training log
    • This was my second half-marathon ever, and I PR’ed by over 5 minutes! (2010 NYC Half-Marathon was 1:29:35, I didn’t keep a training log, sadly) To get used to running a bit quicker, I tried to incorporate one speed/interval/tempo run per week around my goal race pace, which I think really helped lead to my PR, as well as above-distance long runs of 14-16 miles.
  • Race Recap

NYC Marathon; 11/7/10; 3:04:32

  • Training log
    • This was my first marathon, so mapping out this training on my own was a lot of guess work! Basically, I plotted out my goal miles to hit for the week, the distance of a planned long run each week, and built my schedule around that. I tried to take one day off per week…sometimes more, sometimes less. This log also includes my race splits at the bottom.
  • Race Recap

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